Maggie;♥ (truexsweet) wrote,

Title: Haunted
Chapters: 4/?
Author: truexsweet
Genre: Angst
Ratings: PG-13
Disclaimer: Do not own any members of Gazette. Only thing that is mine is the story, and the characters I created.
Pairings/Characters: AoixUruha
Synopsis: Aoi is a spirit trapped in a mansion that he once shared with his lover, Uruha. 50 years after Uruha's disappearance, Aoi has to deal with a familiar face purchasing the house by the name Kouyou. They say that Aoi was murdered, as was Uruha. But the story behind it far exceeds what anyone thought.
Comments: This was influenced by the song "Memories" by Within Temptation. The music video is what really struck me. I hope you enjoy this. Comments give me motivation to write, so if you like this, or any opinions, please comment? Comments are much appreciated. <3

“Kouyou, please! Just listen to me!”

“I’m tired of listening to you, Aoi! Would you leave me alone? Can’t you see that I’m trying to spend time with my boyfriend?” Kouyou was furious. Aoi had done nothing but made him miserable since he moved in. He had dealt with a lot, losing his parents and starting a life of his own. Akira had been every bit supportive, ever since they were children. He couldn’t understand why Aoi was lashing out like this. He was just jealous. “I’m not Uruha. So stop.”

“Kouyou, just forget it.” Akira’s voice is calm, something that surprised Aoi and made Kouyou relax. The blonde’s grasp tightened around his lover’s waist, his head turning to face where the raven stood. There was a sick smile on his face, but what really got to Aoi was what was next.

“Yuu isn’t worth it.” He said, his smile widening even further. Every ounce of Akira seemed dark despite his tone. It almost felt like it was a trap and Kouyou was falling right into it. This man wasn’t the nice, kind man Kouyou made him out to be. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Whoever this ‘Akira’ guy was, he was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Kouyou had to admit he felt a bit uneasy. He hadn’t ever told him Aoi’s real name, and it’s not like his lover was into history. Yuu Shiroyama died 50 years ago. It was a bit odd that Aoi lashed out like that. He knew he would be jealous, but it wasn’t jealousy that was coming from the raven. It almost seemed like it was genuine fear. It made the younger raven wince at the thought. Maybe Akira wasn’t who he said he was. Maybe he was in danger.

“Something on your mind?” Akira asked. He could tell the change in the other’s demeanor. Kouyou was usually pretty levelheaded and he wasn’t the type to be distant. Kouyou just laughs it off like it’s nothing and continues to walk down the hall. “I’m fine, Akira.”

“You seem like you’re dwelling.” Akira retorts, pushing the raven into the wall with a low growl. “I’ve put a lot of time and energy into this relationship. Talk to me.”

Kouyou shivers slightly under the other’s grasp. “Akira, you’re scaring me.” He whimpers,
flinching as the other’s face invades his own. “Then talk to me.” His breath was cold against the younger’s face. His tone was harsh, scaring Kouyou beyond all belief. “Akira, please-“

“All I want is for you to talk to me, Kouyou.” Akira repeated, this time his voice dripping with a sarcastic innocence that left the raven breathless. “Akira, you’re really scaring me baby.”

“My name is Reita.” He growled, his hands finding their way to grasp on to the younger’s. It was obvious just how terrified the raven was, and no matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t bring himself to even try to run. He loved Akira. But why did he call himself…..Reita?

“Yuu Shiroyama is currently lying in a pool of blood on the living room floor. I know a lot more than you think my dear. Don’t take this personally.”

“No…” Kouyou sigh as his black painted fingernails ran along his lover’s lips, tracing the outline with a small frown. He couldn’t understand it, but he felt sad. Tugging on Akira’s jacket, he slowly buried his face into the crook of his neck. “I don’t know what I’ve done to upset you, just remember I love you, okay?”

Whatever happened, Akira didn’t know. He immediately released his grasp on Kouyou, mouth dropping at the realization that he hurt his lover. He wasn’t sure what came over him. He wasn’t even sure how it happened. One minute he was in the car, walking into the old mansion. Then shortly after he was here in the dusty hallway, pinning his love against the old, splintery wall, just beside the portrait that was hanging just a few inches away. A frown quickly formed from his lips as he eyed his fragile lover, his entire expression changing. “Kouyou, baby…are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine!” The raven blurted, moving past the blonde quickly. He fixed his shirt as he went to go back to the kitchen, laughing nervously as he tried to hurry. With a simple nod in response, Kouyou didn’t hesitate in hurrying back to that one safe area of the house – where Aoi would go.

Kouyou closed the door quickly behind him, and with a heavy sign of relief, he pressed his back against that solid oak, resting his eyes for a moment to collect himself. “I’m okay.” He thought, taking the time to take a deep breath. “Everything will be alright.”

“You looked like you saw a ghost.” Aoi was sitting on top of the counter, a childish grin on his face as he heard a loud gasp come from his past lover. He picked up a knife that was lying on the marble top, tossing it to the raven with a much more serious expression. “I can’t explain it, Kouyou. But prepare yourself. I think Rei- I mean Akira might not be who you think he is.”

“You’re such an asshole!” The younger cried, cradling the knife close. He didn’t want to believe it was true. Although the feelings of anger and resentment were pulsing through his veins, he couldn’t bring himself to actually admit that Akira might have been related to the situation somehow. But then he heard it, that name. “Reita?” He asked, finishing the name.

“You remember?” Aoi was shocked. He wasn’t expecting Kouyou to remember. A strange curiosity had begun to turn within the raven’s head. Had Kouyou remembered Reita? Does that mean he might….remember him? “How do you know that name?” He said in hushed, hurried tone. He immediately went over to the other raven, whispering in his so Akira wouldn’t hear. “How do you know?”

Kouyou’s cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink from the close proximity, his heart seeming to skip a beat being so close to the ghost. “He said it. He said his name was…Reita.”

Aoi didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms protectively around the other. He pulled him close, pressing a gentle to kiss to his temple as he kept his strong grip. “I’ll protect you this time.” He murmured, “This time for sure. Uruha, I love you.”

“But I’m not him.” Kouyou replied, slender fingers curling into the fabric of his elder’s shirt. He never really noticed it before, but Aoi’s clothes were so ancient. He smiled softly as he ran his fingers down the ruffles of his collar, grazing the pale skin with a mild admiration. It was strange, but this felt familiar. He felt so comforted and warm, despite the coolness of Aoi’s icy skin. The sweet scent of Aoi’s old cologne filled his nostrils, making him moan softly as he pressed his face against the other’s chest. He didn’t want to admit that he was growing strong feelings for the raven, because they didn’t feel like his own. They felt like they were coming from another being in his mind. Was this Uruha? Is this who Aoi loved so much? It made Kouyou sad. Even if he were to grow attached, Aoi would never love him. He was in love with Uruha. Even now, when he was so terribly shaken, Aoi wasn’t holding him. He was holding that guy. He hated Uruha.

“I know.” Aoi breathed, taking in the aroma of his fallen lover’s scent. He smelled just like he had all those years ago, and it made his knees grow weak. Fifty years was such a long time, so right now at this moment all he wanted was to feel his lover. Kouyou wasn’t his. He knew he never had a chance with him. It was Uruha he was waiting for. Maybe he was wrong to use Kouyou like this, but it was hard not to. He was so familiar, and maybe, just maybe Kouyou would remember the feelings he and Uruha shared. It was a slim chance Aoi knew, but even if it was wishful thinking, he wouldn’t lose hope.

“Akira is coming back. He’s going to help me with dinner. Can you go wait for me in the living room? Once Akira and I eat, I want to talk, if that’s okay with you.” Kouyou was hesitant to try and learn about his past life. But he was curious, and although they say curiosity killed the cat, he didn’t care. “Now go.”

Aoi was surprised that Kouyou was curious. It made him happy though, knowing Kouyou was at least giving him a chance. He quickly left the kitchen, passing Akira with a glare. He knew Akira could see him, and the fact that he could see the blonde shooting him that shit eating grin made him want to go crazy. “You’re Reita, aren’t you…” He hissed, clutching him by the collar. “What do you think you’re doing?! This is my home! Uruha is mine!”

“Actually, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The blonde replied, “Remember Yuu, patience is a virtue. I’m not after Uruha. It’s Kouyou who I want.”

“You need to leave them both alone! You’re a dirty murderer!” It was hard for Aoi to contain himself. He wanted so badly to hurt the blonde the way he had hurt both him and Uruha. But then something happened, that look…Reita was gone. He could see the other’s maple gaze looking innocent and confused. He could no longer see him.

“His soul was never at rest.” He thought, biting his lip ring nervously. He went over to the couch, picking up that photo album that was so old it was ripping at the seams. There was dried blood on it, but it no longer bothered Aoi. All he cared about was that picture of Uruha, the one he saw moments before he passed. He missed that man, the one who smiled. Even when Aoi was negative and sick, Uruha always seemed to brighten up the atmosphere. It made him sad that Kouyou wasn’t like that. He never smiled. All he did was argue with him. It hurt.

~ ~ ~

“Kouyou, dinner was delicious.” Akira smiled as he pulled Kouyou in for a hug, pressing a kiss to his lips before leaving for the night.

Kouyou released a heavy sigh of relief once his lover was gone. It was all too strange. It almost felt like a surreal dream or in his case a nightmare. He quietly walked over to the couch, forcing a smile as he sat at the far end of the sofa from Aoi. “Enjoy dinner?” Aoi asked, smiling as he laid the album down. Kouyou smiled and nodded, reaching for the old photo book. He opened it slowly, coughing as the dust flew in his face. “Could this be any filthier?”

“It’s fifty years old, what do you expect?” Aoi laughed as he pulled his legs underneath him, pulling the old blanket from the top of the couch and wrapping it around himself. He himself coughed as well, much harder than Kouyou had.

“Can ghosts get sick?” The raven boy asked, glancing up to the sickly spirit. He frowned as he saw the dim expression on Aoi’s face and he quickly began to grow concerned. “Are you okay?”

“I…I don’t know.” Aoi could feel his chest filling up with fluids again. It was like he was becoming sick, just like he had when he was human. He was beginning to go cold, just as the air had around the two of them. He could see Kouyou shivering, and almost out of habit he pulled the other under the blanket to try and warm him up.

Kouyou didn’t fight the affection. He eased into Aoi’s touch, keeping a steady hold on the album as he nuzzled in closer to the other. “Why is it so cold in here?” He asked, looking at the fireplace that was obviously set right before them. He was confused, but when he looked back he could see Aoi shivering and coughing hard once again.

“I’m alright.” Aoi reassured, urging for Kouyou to continue with the album. He smiled as he saw Kouyou light up, giggling and pointing out different pictures. It was almost like Kouyou was remembering memories, something that made Aoi very grateful. “This was our engagement photo.” He said, pointing to the picture of the two of them laughing and holding one another. “You in your past life.”

“I know.” Kouyou said sheepishly, biting his lip as he began to grow eager to look through the rest of the photo album. He wasn’t sure why, but he wanted to know more. There were so many things he wanted to know, so many questions he wanted to ask. He just didn’t know where to start. And now that there was something with Akira linking them to each other, Kouyou needed to know everything. There was something, a dark force around his lover when he was in the house. He needed to know why.

“Aoi, I want you to promise me something.” Kouyou quickly grew serious, and Aoi’s attention was caught immediately. “Promise me you’ll tell me everything.”

“Everything? What do you mean?” Aoi looked confused. He was already curious as to the sudden change of heart Kouyou had about his past. There was something he wasn’t telling the raven.

“About Uruha. About us, this house. What happened to us?” Kouyou bit his lip as he looked down. He felt like he was prying. “It’s my past. I have a right to know.” He told himself and he nodded in response. Even if he wanted to know for other reasons than he was leading on, he wanted to find out, no matter what the cost.

“You have to do something for me.” Aoi snorted, “As if I’d just be nice to you after the hell you’ve put me through. You’re quite a handful.”

Kouyou didn’t like that look. He was giving him that familiar smile like he was up to something, and the raven instantly shot the ghost an incredulous look. “Like what?” He questioned, almost too afraid to ask.

“Kiss me.” Aoi was grinning from ear to ear. He moved himself closer, bringing his face to level with the younger’s. “I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

“K-Kiss you?” Kouyou could feel his heart pounding rapidly against his chest. “No! Absolutely not!” He screeched, pulling the album to his face. “You really are a creeper!”

“Fine, then I guess you’ll never know the truth.” Aoi simply crosses his arms as he motioned to get up, and slowly but surely he was rising. It didn’t take longer than a second before he was being roughly pulled down and being pinned by the other male.

“Fine.” Kouyou growled, “But you promise to tell me everything you know.”

“I never take back my promises.” Aoi retorted, “Now kiss me.”

Kouyou gently cupped Aoi’s cheek with a shaky hand, his nerves getting the better of him. He softly pressed his pouty lips against Aoi’s pierced ones and quickly found himself warming into the kiss. He could feel Aoi’s arms wrapping around his waist once again, and he didn’t fight him. The kiss seemed to linger for awhile, and once it was over Kouyou quickly hid his face into the crook of Aoi’s neck.

“I promise, I’ll tell you everything.” He whispered, keeping his grip on the other’s waist. “Now let’s go to sleep. I’m comfy.”

As much as Kouyou wanted to fight it, he decided against it. He nodded as he laid his head against Aoi’s chest and fixed the blanket so they could both equally share it. It was strange. Aoi was….warm. He was always so cold before, and now he was warm beneath him. “I guess the real test begins tomorrow, huh?”

“Yeah. Now get some sleep.”

“Okay. Oyasumi.” Kouyou gently placed a kiss to the raven’s cheek and buried his face back into his chest. He knew Aoi must have been smiling, but he didn’t want to question it.

“Yuu, you already broke your promise once. Please don’t deceive me again.”

And then Kouyou could feel a tear forming from his almond hues. It was true. Uruha was in there somewhere. Somewhere Kouyou wanted to keep him hidden away.
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