Maggie;♥ (truexsweet) wrote,

Title: Haunted
Chapters: 3/?
Author: truexsweet
Genre: Angst
Ratings: R (Small rape scene in this chapter)
Disclaimer: Do not own any members of Gazette. Only thing that is mine is the story, and the characters I created.
Pairings/Characters: AoixUruha
Synopsis: Aoi is a spirit trapped in a mansion that he once shared with his lover, Uruha. 50 years after Uruha's disappearance, Aoi has to deal with a familiar face purchasing the house by the name Kouyou. They say that Aoi was murdered, as was Uruha. But the story behind it far exceeds what anyone thought.
Comments: This was influenced by the song "Memories" by Within Temptation. The music video is what really struck me. I hope you enjoy this. Comments give me motivation to write, so if you like this, or any opinions, please comment? Comments are much appreciated. <3

The next morning Kouyou awoke with a fright, kicking Aoi from the bed as he shot upright. “What the hell are doing?” He screeched, eyes wide as he stared at the raven on the floor. “Why were you touching me?!”

“Because you fell asleep in my arms.” Aoi replied, smirking at his guest. “You needed me after all.”

So that wasn’t a dream.

Kouyou’s cheeks flushed as remembered the night before. He did remember saying that, but it felt surreal that such a thing happened. He wasn’t sure why, but he really did like being in Aoi’s embrace. He felt safe, something he’s never felt before. Not even his boyfriend of five years made him feel the way Aoi did, and now he quickly found himself doubting everything. He was attracted to Aoi, and he hated it.

“I don’t want you to take this wrong, Aoi. But what happened last night can’t happen again.” He said, glancing to the floor. “I have a boyfriend.”
Aoi’s eyes widen slightly, breath hitching as he shot the other a hurt look. “What?”

“I have a boyfriend.” He said again, this time his gaze falling to the raven’s face. “You should have known.”

“How could I?” The ghost asked bitterly. “You never said anything about him.”

“I don’t need to explain anything to you.” Kouyou seethed. “Why does it matter? It’s not like it has anything to do with you!”

“It has everything to do with me!” Aoi growled, pulling the other close by the collar of his shirt. “Uruha would have at least been honest.”

Kouyou released a menacing laugh. How could Aoi be that stupid? It shouldn’t have mattered what he did in his personal life. He wasn’t Uruha. Yuu wasn’t his lover. This was his life, and it was about time he reclaimed it. “Are you really that stupid? I’m not Uruha, Aoi. I’m Kouyou. Did you really think I’d be anything like him?”

“Actually, you’re every bit like him. Stubborn as fuck. You must have gotten all of his bad genes. Uruha at least had his good points, unlike you who’s a pathetic child who bought this place with all his parent’s money. Uruha would have invested in it. Not spend it like-“

“ Shut up.” The raven spat, finally reaching his limits. “For your information, my parents would have wanted me to have invested in something like this. There is no shame in using the money to help stabilize yourself and start a life. You don’t understand a fucking thing. If anyone should be ashamed, it should be you. You’re dead. You’re just jealous because I have a beating heart. Your lover Uruha, he probably left because he didn’t want you. Who would with an attitude like yours? You’re a worthless excuse for a man.”

“I’m not a man.” Aoi replied, smiling. “I’m dead. As for Uruha….”

Aoi didn’t care when he saw that fear on Kouyou’s face as he wrapped his hands around his throat. He was so angry, not even realizing his own strength. He wanted to hurt Kouyou, to scare him into leaving. If he really wanted, he could kill him now and make Kouyou stay with him forever. All it would take is a few more minutes. He could already feel Kouyou becoming weak.

This isn’t me.

And it wasn’t. Aoi wasn’t a monster. He didn’t want Kouyou to take his lover’s place. Uruha had his heart, not Kouyou. If it weren’t for the fact Kouyou was so identical to Uruha, it wouldn’t make this so difficult. Aoi was a fool to think that maybe, just maybe Uruha was somewhere inside of Kouyou. But that was just wishful thinking.

“Get out.” Aoi said, his dark hues narrowed as he released his grasp. “Leave before I take your final breath. GO!”

Kouyou didn’t hesitate. Not in all his life did he feel such fear, nor did he ever hear someone yell at him in anger. His heart was beating so rapid he was sure his heart was going to rip from his chest. He couldn’t even look Aoi in the eyes. He remained quiet as he got out of the bed, slipping on his jeans from the night before and heading out of the bed room. He needed to get out of here. He needed to leave now.

Watching him leave, Aoi could feel his heart sinking. He didn’t know why, but it almost felt like it did that day. Of course he and Uruha didn’t get in a fight before he left, but that was the first day they had been separated since they got together. Seeing Kouyou leave, that man that shared his lover’s face made him want to scream, but instead he found a tear falling from his cheek as the memories set in.

~ ~ ~ ~

Aoi wasn’t sure how long Uruha had been gone. It just didn’t make any sense. The raven paced around the living room anxiously, eyes fixated on the beautiful oak finished grandfather clock that stood by the bookshelf. The store couldn’t have been more than two blocks away, and he had been gone for almost an hour now. If it weren’t for the fact he knew that his lover really liked to shop, he would have left to go look for him.

“You really do have an eye for detail, baby.” The raven said with a small smile. He headed over to the bookshelf, hoping to settle his nerves by reading a book. There were so many books, mostly all Uruha’s. He loved to read, a hobby the two of them shared. But out of all the books, Aoi found their photo album the best book of all.

With a cup of coffee in one hand and their album in the other, Aoi took a seat on the sofa. He knew he must have looked like an idiot the way he was smiling, his face lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning. Everything was here, the picture of their families, pictures of their engagemet. Even pictures of Uruha in mid-laughter with that adorable snort-like expression on his face. “Beautiful.” He murmured, running his finger tips over the picture. “God I love you.”


Aoi picked his head up and looked over at the door with a look of confusion on his face. Uruha never would have knocked on the door, and visitors were rare. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt very uneasy. He slowly put the album on the coffee table and with another sip of coffee he made his way towards the door. Each step made his stomach twist.

“Who’s there?” He asked, making his way towards the door.

He was all the more confused when there wasn’t a response. He bit his lip nervously as he opened the door, eyes falling upon an obvious stranger. He was around his height with spikey blonde hair, followed by a white piece of fabric that rested over his nose. “Can I help you?”

“Hi, My name is Reita Suzuki. I’m a doctor that your lover sent.” He explained, showing the raven is medical bag. “It’s freezing out here. Mind if I come in and take a look at you?”
Sighing with relief, Aoi stepped aside to allow the doctor to come in. Although his nerves didn’t completely settle, he was normally nervous around new people. He decided to explain his anxiety on that fact alone. “Sorry, I’m not used to guests.”

“I understand.” The blonde said with a smile, setting his bag on the dining room table. There was a strange look in his eyes, one that couldn’t be described. “So Yuu, tell me. How have you been feeling?”

“Not so great.” He said with a frown, trying his best to hold back his cough. “I’ve been coughing up blood recently.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” The blonde replied, pulling a silver knife into view. “You’re about to feel a whole lot better.”

With a venomous laugh, Reita corned the raven into the living room. “It’s okay Yuu. Uruha deserves better. You tainted him, you see. Those filthy hands…you know this is what you deserve. Allow me the honor of taking you out of your pathetic existence and cleanse Uruha of the filth you’ve made him.”

“W-What are you talking about?” Aoi was trembling. All he could think of was that knife that was coming at him. And Uruha…what had Reita done to him?

“What did you do to Uruha?!” He shrieked. “Where is he?!”

“That’s none of your concern.” Reita said, that malicious smile only growing wider. “Yuu, just die.”

Aoi tried to get away, reaching for the album on the table. He couldn’t leave it. With a quick swipe he tried to get past Reita, but as soon as he past the other, he could feel the sharp foreign object piercing his side.

It was game over.

The raven clutched onto the album as he fell to his knees, tears overwhelming as a loud sob was released. The pain…it was excruciating. A pain he had never felt before. A loud whimper left his lips as he felt the blonde pull him by his hair and throw him to the ground, dragging him to the center of the room. He looked up in fear as the blonde tried to grab the album from him.
“No!” The raven screamed. “Stop!”

“Give it to me you stupid fuck!” Reita seethed, stabbing his knife into the other’s wrist.

With a painful cry, Aoi released the album, gaze following the book as it hit the ground. It opened to a picture of Uruha, the picture of him laughing. It made the raven smile softly, knowing he wasn’t going to get out of this. “I love you.” He said, hand reaching to the picture.

“You’re so pathetic.” The other sneered, jabbing the knife into his chest. Aoi released another cry, but when he felt Reita reach for his pants, he thrashed. No, he wouldn’t go this way. He wouldn’t give himself up to this psycho.

Reita growled as he ripped the raven’s pants off, quickly unzipping his own and finding his way between his victim’s thighs. Yes, this was payback for all the nights he fucked Uruha. He groaned as he forced himself into the raven, knife slightly being pressed against the other’s neck in an attempt to stop his struggling. “Stop it, Yuu.” He warned. “It’s your own fault. He wasn’t yours. He’s always been mine!”

“I-I don’t even know who you are!” Aoi managed before he choked up blood. Tears were streaming down his face as the pain shot through his ass and up his spine. He felt degraded and pathetic. Here he was, being fucked into the living room floor during his last moments. He never imagined his death to be like this. He planned on growing old with Uruha. The two of them laying in bed, holding one another and falling into a peaceful slumber together. But this, it was agony. It was all wrong.

“Please….stop.” He cried, trying to push the other away. He was too weak, and he whimpered as he was struck across the face.

“Yuu, aren’t you enjoying this? You stupid slut…” The other seethed bitterly, only ramming into the raven harder. He could feel the other becoming weaker, and the harder he fucked him, the shallower Aoi’s breathing was becoming.

Aoi could feel the life draining from his being. Soon everything was becoming less painful. At last, he wasn’t hurting. He didn’t notice Reita anymore, or the pain he felt in his back. His vision was becoming hazy and soon it was going black.

“I’ll see you soon, Uruha. I’ll be waiting for you.” He said, and then he was gone.

~ ~ ~ ~

Aoi could feel his eyes pricking with tears as he sat on the couch. He wanted to see Kouyou, to be comforted. Just this once, even if Kouyou would never talk to him again, he just needed to feel him.

His gaze fell to the door when he heard the lock being opened, and when he saw Kouyou, he felt relieved. He nearly jumped from the couch to get to the other, but when he saw the male alongside the other, he froze.


The man had spikey blonde hair, along with that signature nose band that made Aoi tremble.
“Who the fuck is this? Get away from him!” Aoi screeched, running to Kouyou’s aid.

“Get away from me, Aoi! This is my boyfriend!” Kouyou retorted, clinging to the blonde next to him. “His name is Akira. Akira Suzuki.”

No….it can’t be. I can’t lose you again.
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