Maggie;♥ (truexsweet) wrote,

Title: Haunted
Chapters: 5/?
Author: truexsweet
Genre: Angst
Ratings: PG-13
Disclaimer: Do not own any members of Gazette. Only thing that is mine is the story, and the characters I created.
Pairings/Characters: AoixUruha
Synopsis: Aoi is a spirit trapped in a mansion that he once shared with his lover, Uruha. 50 years after Uruha's disappearance, Aoi has to deal with a familiar face purchasing the house by the name Kouyou. They say that Aoi was murdered, as was Uruha. But the story behind it far exceeds what anyone thought.
Comments: This was influenced by the song "Memories" by Within Temptation. The music video is what really struck me. I hope you enjoy this. Comments give me motivation to write, so if you like this, or any opinions, please comment? Comments are much appreciated. <3

The next morning, Kouyou awoke with freight. He could remember specifically that Aoi was holding him, and now he was gone. He felt so cold underneath that blanket alone, and he could feel that frown forming once again. He sighed as he slowly sat up, his arms rising above his head as he stretched. He glanced around the living room worriedly, afraid that maybe somehow Aoi was gone. He was beginning to grow nervous. “Aoi?”

“Good morning beautiful~” The raven chimed, walking into the room with a tray. On the tray were numerous breakfast items, such as a cup of orange juice, an apple, and a bowl of frosted flakes. They were Kouyou’s favorite, and Aoi could only smile brighter when he saw Kouyou’s face light up. “Sleep well?”

Kouyou yawned as he nodded, his nerves slowly beginning to subside. He was so scared, not exactly sure of what, but it was a fear that maybe Aoi’s spirit had left him. “Thank-you.” He murmurs, taking the tray and setting on the coffee table carefully. He watches as the raven takes a seat on the old, dusty velvet chair that matched the living room set, hand reaching for the orange juice to take a sip.

“So, is this the part where you start to ask me questions?” Aoi’s voice was surprisingly serious as he leaned back in the chair, crossing a leg over the other as he rested his hands on his knee. His entire demeanor changed as he released a heavy sigh, his gaze falling to the photo album that was now sitting on the ground. “Have you been having weird thoughts lately?”

Kouyou bit his lip as he placed his drink down, his chest growing heavy as he thought about it. He had been having a lot of things happen. Dreams, hearing voices. Things that never happened before he moved into the house. “Actually, I’ve been having a lot of dreams.” He says, looking up at the raven. “Who is Miyuki?”

Aoi swallowed hard. “How do you know that name?”

“I keep having this reoccurring nightmare. I end up waking up on the ground with blood all around me. She looks identical to you. She looks down at me with a frown, and then she says, ‘This is what I told you would happen if you stayed with Yuu.’ And then she leaves. Who is she?” He asks, looking up at the other through worried eyes.

“My identical twin sister.” The ghost replies sadly, “She disappeared a long time ago. Once Uruha and I were together, she grew distant. Whenever Uruha was in the room, she almost seemed disgusted, like she would act like she was better than him. She eventually told me she was leaving for France. Then I never saw her again.”

“That’s so sad. Why do you think she left?” Kouyou questions, “Did she just not like him?”

“I’m really not sure.” Aoi’s voice was pained, his expression soon to follow. “She told me that she loved me and that he didn’t deserve me. We ended up getting into a pretty heated fight. She’s my sister. I love her, but she just seemed so possessive, like I belonged to her. It was strange.”

“That does seem strange.” Kouyou’s gaze fell to the tray in front of him, his stomach knotting as he felt a very strange wave of emotions pool from within him. He couldn’t quite describe what he was feeling. It was like something happened, something between him and Miyuki. He slowly grabbed the blanket he threw earlier and wrapped it around his frail form, pulling his knees to his chest as he released a soft sigh. “Is it my fault?”

“N-Not really. You weren’t even alive then. Uruha was.” Aoi was caught off guard by the sudden change in the other’s voice. He sounded almost like Uruha….

“She never liked me.” The other says in a hushed tone, his face hidden against his knees. “She said I was trouble from the start.”

“Uruha?” Aoi’s dark eyes lit up as he took a seat beside the other, hand moving to rest on his shoulder. “Uruha, is that you?”

“No. How can it be? I’m dead.” His voice was cold as he grabbed the raven’s hand harshly, his eyes narrowed dangerously as he eyed the other. “Right Yuu? I’m dead. Because of you.”

An overwhelming feeling of despair hit the raven, making tears pool from within his darkened hues. Somehow, he agreed with the other. He never should have let him out that day alone. Even if he were sick, he should have gone. Maybe then Uruha would be here.

That crystal like liquid fell from his cheeks as his lips quivered. His mouth was moving, but he couldn’t muster the words. He wanted to defend himself. He wanted to deny it and tell him that it was Reita. After all, Reita was the one who ended Uruha’s life as well as his own. But still, somewhere from behind that pale skin was a broken heart, surrounded by sadness and a sense of guiltiness that no amount of reassurance could ever change.

“I..It wasn’t me.” He said, hand reaching to cup the other’s cheek. “It was Reita, I…I should have went with you. I didn’t know that-“

“It doesn’t matter!” The raven screeched, hitting Aoi across the face hard. He dropped that old crocheted blanket on the ground as he pushed himself further into the dusty cream sofa, kicking his dead lover’s chest in an attempt to distance himself. He was so angry, and even with seeing those tears falling from his lover’s eyes, he couldn’t feel sympathy. “You promised, Yuu.” He growled lowly, gaze falling to the blanket on the floor. “You said you’d protect me.”

Uruha..I-I’m sorry…

He wanted so badly to apologize, but he knew once Uruha was angry it was best to stay away. Still, he hoped he could convince his lover that it was an accident. He moved himself closer, positioning himself between his thighs and bringing his face close. “Uruha, it was an accident.” He tried through sobs, shaky fingers clutching the fabric of his shirt. “I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“Huh?” Kouyou blinked as he felt his cheeks flush, his hand colliding with Aoi’s face as he tried to push him away. “Get off of me!”

Aoi frowned as he got off the raven. He knew Uruha disappeared. Had Uruha possessed him just like Reita had Akira? He was beginning to grow confused. “Don’t you remember anything?” His voice sounded pained as he looked at the other sadly. “Any of it?”

“I remember asking about that girl.” Kouyou didn’t know why, but his chest was aching. Something happened he was sure, but what it was, he didn’t know. “What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Soon the room was beginning to grow cold again. Whenever Aoi got upset or angry, the entire atmosphere would change. He sighed softly as he picked up the leather photo album, bringing the sentimental item to his chest with a small sob. He wanted Uruha back. That’s all he wanted. “I don’t want to talk anymore. I’m going upstairs.”

“But you promised!” Kouyou protested, jumping from the couch quickly. “You said that you’d tell me everything!”

But Aoi didn’t listen. He ignored the other and continued his way to the attic which was completely locked off. Kouyou tried desperately to open the old iron lock that sealed it, but it didn’t take long before he realized he was defeated. A loud sigh could be heard as he pounded his fist off the door, cursing himself for not asking the realtor for a key to this portion of the house.

“We’ll talk about this later!” Aoi could hear from behind the door, and all he could do was sigh as he walked up the stairs. Once he reached the top of the stairs, he looked around with a saddened expression. Most attics were used for storage. But this one, it was different. It wasn’t full of clutter. It was a special room he and Uruha had designed for something special.

He slowly walked over to the desk that was in the corner of the dusty room, placing the book down and looking at the small suede journal that Uruha had been writing in for years. Of course it’s last entry was a little over fifty years ago, but Aoi still found himself reading through it. With a subtle sigh, he opened it up and began to read.

Dear diary,
Today I went to the doctor’s office with Aoi. They said he’s getting worse. I can’t believe it and I refuse to believe such a thing. He’s still so lively. In exactly two weeks we’re going to be picking up the twins! We’ve been waiting since the engagement to get them, and the paper work has finally come back. A little girl and boy, both only a month old. I’ve been keeping the date a secret from Aoi. I hope he’ll be excited to be a daddy. We’ve been working on this nursery since last year. I haven’t quite gotten the purple curtains done, but I’m sure once the children are here I’ll be done. I can’t wait to be a mother.

No, scratch that. I can’t wait to be a family.

This was a nursery. It was old and dusty, but it was untouched and stayed the same as Uruha had left it. There were two bassinettes under the window with a crocheted blanket to match the deep purple curtains in one, and a blue one that matched the ribbon that was stitched into the wooden cradle in the other. The curtains were never completely done, and the fabric stayed partially stitched on the small sewing table that was arranged by the tiny bookshelf next to the closet of clothes that Uruha had made by hand for the kids.

Aoi could feel himself crying once again. He lifted himself from the small desk and walked over to the bassinettes, picking up one of the two fluffy teddy bears that Uruha had made and holding it close. He tried hard to hold back his sobs, but they could still be heard. His painful wails could be heard loud and clear as he fell to the ground, holding the bear close and crying into the old wool material.

I want him back. God, I will give you anything just to have him back with me. Please..I-I’m…breaking.

~ ~ ~
Kouyou curled up on the couch as he listened to Aoi cry, his hand absentmindedly reaching for the blanket and pulling it around himself in an attempt for comfort. At times like this, he wished his mother was alive. Ever since his parent’s death, not once had he cried. But now, it was time. He could feel his cheeks becoming moist as his shoulders shook, breaths coming out quick and labored as he cried. He needed this.

For awhile, he didn’t even think about Aoi. All he could think about was how badly he wished he were still home. Things were so much easier then. He missed sleeping in and waking up to the smell of French toast and bacon and waking up to his mother’s cheerful face. No matter if they got in a fight, she was always smiling. He missed it. Her smile, her laugh, her security. Every day Kouyou could feel himself drifting further and further away, and he was beginning to forget things. He couldn’t remember her voice, or her scent. And now he was beginning to forget himself.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been here on the couch, only that it was now dark outside. He stretched out as he rose from the furniture, and his lips pursed as he heard a knock at the door. He walked to the solid oak, talking a deep breath before opening it. “Hello?”

“Hello darling.” A young woman said, holding an umbrella over her head as she stood outside. She was slightly shorter than he was, but her face…it was identical to Aoi’s. From her eyes to her nose, from her lips and to her cheek bones. Every inch of this woman was a replica of the raven ghost, amongst a few exceptions. “Can I come in?”

“Who are you?” Kouyou swallowed hard as he stayed still, not sure what to do. There was an eerie presence about this woman. She seemed cold, and even the look in her eyes matched that menacing voice. She couldn’t have been her, could she?

“Miyuki. I’m here to see my brother. It’s time you get out of my way Uruha. “ Her tone was frightening to the raven’s ears. He could feel the blood in his veins pulsing wildly. Just being around her and hearing her name….it was becoming too much. The room was spinning, and his vision was becoming blurred.

“It’s a shame. I thought you would have been dead by now.”

He tried to answer her, but the words wouldn’t come out. He stepped aside as she walked in, and he could feel his back hit the wall as she slammed the door shut behind her, pinning the raven against his will. “He was never yours.” She growled, smiling despite her tone. “Maybe you need to go to sleep.”

And then everything went black.
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