Maggie;♥ (truexsweet) wrote,

Title: Away With Winter
Chapters: 1/1
Author: truexsweet
Genre: Angst
Ratings: R
Pairings/Characters: AoixUruha, ReitaxRuki (reference)
Synopsis: I could tell by the look he gave me that he was confused. It didn’t matter. Once midnight hit, I was about to make my entire existence meaningful again. I had everything figured out. All I needed was you and I’d do anything to bring you back. Back into my arms where you belonged.
Comments: This is something I've been working on for awhile. I had the first portion written over a year ago, but I just picked it up and decided to finish it. I really hope you guys like this. As always, I appreciate you taking your time to read this. Comments are always appreciated.

I couldn’t describe what I was feeling when I walked through those doors. I could hear Aya talking, mentioning the flower arrangements she insisted on, and how everything would have been to your liking. It was very vague, but I tried to piece together what she was saying.

So many people showed up today. It took nearly five minutes to get to a blank spot where I could sign in the quest book. Right underneath Akira’s name I wrote down ‘Yuu and Shiroyama family”, a name the two of us had come to share just last April when we got married.

“Yuu, I’m so sorry.”

I looked behind me to see an old friend, our friend Takanori standing there with his makeup smeared, eyeliner running down his cheeks. He looked so fragile, like a child the way he clutched that purple scarf you bought him last Christmas. I could feel my lip quivering as I tried to repeat what I had all morning.

“It’s alright.”

But it wasn’t. I didn’t want to hear that sort of sympathy. I was shaking as I tried to find the strength to let Aya’s hand go and go to him and embrace him. I was slightly relieved when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Akira.

“I’m here for you, Aoi. Even though we aren’t really close, I lost a friend, my best friend.

I’m here is you need me. I’ll take care of Takanori. You have somewhere you need to be.”

A small whine passed my lips as I saw the people crowding around that purple casket. How could I face you? I haven’t seen you since the accident. One by one I watched as our friends and family passed through and before I knew it I was in front of the line. My vision went everywhere but your face. The flowers, your mother crying, little Aya fixing a picture we took in Hawaii. I couldn’t look at you. To see you lifeless, I couldn’t bare that. You were always bright and full of life. Whenever you were in a crowd, you were the first person everyone one noticed when you walked in the room.

How could it all be taken away? You weren’t meant to die. You have three kids who need their mom. We had plans next month to take them camping. I hated camping, but for you, I’d go. I’d do anything if it made you smile.

The thoughts that raced through my head weren’t slowing down. Among most of them the question “Why” was what I couldn’t grasp. Why you? God, I’d give anything to know.

Finally, I looked at you. You looked like a doll, skin a shade of porcelain, your make up done, although it wasn’t your style. No one ever did as good of a job as you. But most of all, I saw us. Everything we had was gone, all of our promises broken.

I lost everything. My lover, the mother of my children, and most of all, my best friend. If only the world knew how much you meant to me, then maybe you’d be here. What if I did this, what if I did that what if you just stayed home that night?

The morning seemed to move quickly, much faster than I had expected. The image of your face was still crystal clear in my mind. They way you looked laying so deprived of life. Those lips that used to be so warm against me, those beautiful, almond-like eyes that mirrored liquid honey. The way your cheeks flushed, the way your lips curved into that goofy, childish grin. Your laugh, the one that made a crowd want to join in. It was infectious. Everything about you was.

“Yuu, we have to close the casket now. Come on.” It was unusual to see our drummer so cheerless. Of course, how could he smile on a day like today? What could he possibly say that could make me feel any better? ‘Look on the bright side.’ ‘It could be worse.’ Could it? How could it be any worse? You, my soul mate were torn away from me, leaving me empty. There was no bringing you back.

Or was there?

If there was even a chance, I would take it. There was a rumor, more or so a myth about a demon who lived deep within the woods. By offering something, it was said that this demon would grant you any wish. I have money. I have three beautiful children. The only thing I want and could ever need was you. A small smile began to form from the corner of my lips. “Close it.” I said, looking back to brunette. “We’ll be back.”

I could tell by the look he gave me that he was confused. It didn’t matter. Once midnight hit, I was about to make my entire existence meaningful again. I had everything figured out. All I needed was you and I’d do anything to bring you back. Back into my arms where you belonged.

~ ~ ~

“Aoi, where are you taking me?” A light flashed as the petite male made his way through the cemetery. “What is going through that fucked up head of yours?”

“Shut it, Taka. I told you already. We’re meeting someone.” I wasn’t sure what he was thinking. He seemed rather hesitant, despite his positive tone on the phone. I threw a shovel in his direction, watching the old, beat up tool hit the snow as the tiny ice flakes began to cover over the grave site. “We need to get Kouyou. It’s the only way.”

“He’s gone, Yuu!” I hear him say, and I look up from the hole I created before me. He wasn’t gone. Not for long. “Look, don’t you remember what your uncle said? About the demon in the woods?”

“Yuu, that’s not real. You’re out of your mind.”

“Fuck you, Taka! I’m not crazy!” My body snapped back as my hand gripped the collar of his shirt. I didn’t even realize that he was lifted off the ground until I heard the sound of the second shovel fall and hit off the neighboring tombstone. “You agreed to help me! You say Kou was your best friend, and you’re not even willing to help bring him back?”

“It’s not like that, Yuu!” His legs dangled as he argued. I slowly lowered him to the ground, pushing him in the direction of his shovel.

Just a little longer.

The night was growing colder. I could feel my lips tingling as I licked them. I was chewing on my lip ring out of habit as I tossed my shovel aside, eyes fixated on the dark purple casket that kept your body hostage. I could hear muffled sobs coming from Ruki as he fell to his knees from exhaustion. His eyes didn’t leave me. I could feel his gaze penetrating through me. I looked up, head tilting as I watched this fear rise through his eyes. “Are you okay?”

“F-Fine.” He managed, “What now?”

“Crank the lever.”

Slowly yet surely, I could see you coming closer. Once you were within arms reach, I opened that box that kept you captive and pulled you into my arms. “You must be so cold, baby.” I whispered, pressing my lips to your forehead. “It’s freezing and you don’t have a coat.”

Something must have been going through Ruki’s mind. His eyes looked fearful as he heard me talking to you. I knew what I had to do. In my pocket, somewhere down in my jeans was a knife that I brought. Ruki held a much greater purpose than just helping me dig you up. He was your cure. I know you’ll be mad, but you’ll forgive me. You always do. “You made a promise to me.”
“I told you I would help you get him back. I did what I said I would.”

I watched as he took a step back. I took my coat off, wrapping it up and over your head and around your shoulders to protect you from the snow. With that, I stood up, wiping away some of the dirt off my jeans. “You said you’d help bring him back. You remember the story.”
“Y-Yuu, you’re scaring me!” Ruki’s eyes were wide as he took another step back.

“The story is just a myth! Even my uncle told you that!”

“No! He said it was true! I need to offer something to that demon! You said you wanted to bring him back! You said you’d help me!” I could feel my stomach twisting as I watched his body turn. He was terrified, but this was something I had to do. “Taka, don’t do it-“

He ran.

I could see your small body running between trees, your breath hot against the cool, winter air. Your small footprints were obvious in the snow, and your fear I could taste from a mile away. Each breath I took, my legs carried me quickly yet elegantly across the bright winter wonderland. “Taka, baby. Come on!”

“Stay away from me!” Ruki cried. “You’re a fucking psycho!”

Kill him.

My body froze. I could hear them again. “Stop it.”

You know he’ll tell everyone. You’re a freak. Kouyou wouldn’t even stay by you.

“Kouyou loves me! You’re wrong!” I looked up, watching to make sure Ruki was in sight. My legs, despite my mind, began its journey back to the petite man.

Silly boy. He couldn’t stand you. Why don’t you kill Takanori and go back home? There’s nothing for you here.

“You’re wrong!” I cried, shaking my head in disbelief. You wouldn’t leave me. “He left cause of the accident!”

The one that you caused? Aren’t you the reason he’s dead?

“I-It’s not true! That guy went speeding down the hill! We didn’t even have time to-“

Why didn’t Kouyou gain control of the car? Didn’t he say he didn’t want to go home that way? If you listened, this never would have happened.

“It was an accident! It’s not my fault! He loves me!”

If he loves you, where is he? I’m here. He isn’t.

“He told me you lie! That you’re not real!”

I’m very much real. And he’s the liar. He said he’d always be there. Forever isn’t as long as you think it is. I’m here, I’m the one who’ll always be here.

“I’m going to bring him back. And when I do, he’ll make you go away!” I couldn’t do this. I was so close to Takanori. I grabbed him by his brunette locks, snapping him back as I pressed him against the tree. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Y-Yuu, please...I-“ Ruki was shaking as he felt that strong hand pin him. His body squirmed as he saw that knife being brought to his throat. The glimpse of the moon could be seen reflecting off the steel. “T-Think about this!”

“Kouyou is going to come back for me.” I pressed the knife to the flawless skin of his neck, gently tracing the blade over it. A thin line of red began to seep through. It made a smile form from my lips. “I’m going to bring him back.”

You’re hopeless. Let’s play with him.

“I’d love too.” I grinned, grabbing him by his hair and dragging him back towards the cemetery. I could hear the faint sounds of people talking, and lights being pointed in our direction. It was the result of Ruki screaming. “W-What do I-“

Slit his throat. Hurry.

I nodded as I brought the knife to his neck again. I pressed down as hard as I could, and soon the snow was changing a beautiful shade of red. “Pretty.”

Isn’t it? He’s not dead.

“I know he’s not.” I threw him down as I dropped to my knees, straddling him on either side. I slowly traced the knife down his chest, stopping just before his abdomen. “He will be.”

A wicked grin formed as I dug the knife deep into his stomach. I could hear sick gurgling coming from him as my hand found its way into his intestines, pulling them out and leaving them for display for the world to see. “I promise you, Taka. It’ll all be worth it.”

It’s not over.

“It never is.” I said, dropping the knife in the snow. “It really….never is.”

~ ~ ~

“We have to find them! Split up!”

Akira wasted no time running through the woods. He was frantic, flashing his flashlight in every direction, searching everywhere for his lover. He received a phone call from Ruki, telling him how Aoi needed help with something. There was something in the way the other spoke that made him worry. It’s been hours since he left. Immediately, he called and had a search team out looking for him. Even if it was nothing, he needed to make sure the other was okay.

“Hey, we found something over here!”

Below the bright lights was the image of droplets that stained the snow red. Fear could be seen from the blonde’s eyes as he looked up, feet slowly moving as he followed the trail. He didn’t want to believe it. “We need to find Aoi. He’s supposed to be in the hospital. Keep looking for him. I’m going to look for Takanori.”

He left the police officers and followed the tainted blood road. His knees were getting shaky as he noticed a familiar purple scarf lying solely on the ground. It was stained red, and it only served to make his heart sink deeper. “Taka, you better not leave me.”

Lying helplessly was a sight that made the blonde vomit. Acid burned through his esophagus as he leaned against the tree. There he was, the result of a brutal killing, the corpse of his lover exposed for everyone to see. Akira fell to his knees, tears forming as the cold reality began to sink in. He pulled the younger close, rocking him as if trying to sooth him. “P-Please, baby. D-Don’t leave me!”

He was gone.

~ ~ ~

“Kouyou, I hope you’re not too cold, love.” I traced my finger over your lips, pressing my own to your temple. I could hear people coming. I smiled as I wrapped my arms around you. “Wake up, sweetie. We need to get out of here.”

Leave him. We need to go.

“I’m not going anywhere without him.” I said defiantly. My hands gripped you tighter. I would never leave you. “I love you, Kou.”

“Over here!” One of the police cried, and soon the sound of their boots hitting the gravel reached my ears. They were coming for me.

Yuu! Get up!

“I’m not going anywhere.” I growled, burying my face in the crook of your neck. “I’ll never leave you.”

They’ll kill you!

“On the ground with your hands up!”

I looked up only to have a gun pointed at my face. I smiled. “Evening, sir.”


“Shut up!” I scream, and I can see the officer glaring at me. A whine left me as I felt the cool metal of the gun hit me in the jaw.

“Hands up, freak!” The man yells as his finger rests over the trigger. “You have to the count of three!”


Yuu! Think about this! I’ll never leave you! We can run away!


Come on! You’ve always been a failure! You’re an idiot! Why are you doing this?!


“Because I love him.” I whispered, my maple hues shutting as a smile formed. “Forever.”

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