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"I'd rather die beautiful, than live humiliated."

But, that's ridiculous. Don't blurt out such old words.

10 October
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About Me;

» The Facts;
Here’s a few facts about me. My name is Maggie. I live in the US. My interests will be listed below. Besides that, I usually check my LJ daily, but I don’t update frequently. I write fanfiction, so if you’re anti-yaoi, I assume you might want to not even continue reading. I’m not really a bitch, I’m just really tired, so I’m kind of like, “BLAH.WTFISGOINGHEREINEEDTODOTHIS.” I post on a few different communities, so keep your eyes out for me if you want.I'm mainly posting fics on here. You can reach me at my personal journal at rockstaryuu if you wish to get to know me in real life.
» Interests;

Likes: the Gazette, a lot of jrock bands in which I don’t feel like writing out, writing fanfiction, roleplay, pandas, painting, anything that really deals with creativity, learning new things, meeting new people, studying new languages, watching ABDC, hugs, penguins, random babbling, watching Uruha drunk on stage and nearly falling in earlier lives, Ruki having vocal difficulties and being cute, vampires in tiny cars driving from the passenger’s side on acid (lolVailawhut?) and other shit you’ll find out if you talk to me.

Dislikes: Narcissistic people, inconsiderate people, bugs, fish, green olives, Armageddon (the movie- My Mom made me watch it over forty times, literally.) and other things I’m too lazy to list right now.

» Umf
Will write shit here later.


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